Nighttime conversations with Scarlett...

Feb 28, 2013

Scarlett:  Mommy, I don't want to close my eyes.  Sometimes I have bad dreams.
Me:  Oh honey, I'm so sorry.  Let's think of some happy things before we go to sleep.  Like pancakes.
Scarlett:  Oooh, like talking pancakes.
Me:   with chocolate chips...or popsicles
Scarlett:  oh yeah, singing popsicles
Scarlett (after a long pause):  Mom, you know how that little boy in the Bible beat Goliath?
Me:  How hunny?
Scarlett:  God was on his side.
Me:  That's right sweetheart, God was on his side.  Is God on your side?
Scarlett:  Yes, and mommy too.
Me:  Yes, I am always on your side, and Daddy.  Maybe we can ask God tonight for good dreams?  Do you want to pray?
Scarlett:  Dear God, thank you for today, and I pray for happy dreams, Amen.
Me:  That was perfect sweetie. 

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