Dear Scarlett,

Apr 24, 2013

Yesterday I spotted you in my rear view mirror and complete joy covered my face.   I thought over our day and then over our week and then the chaos of the last month and my smile only grew.  You have been the picture of perfection.  We have had our moments, but they have been just that, moments.  Quickly surfacing as a ball of energy needing to be depleted and just as quickly disappearing as if they were never there.  You say "please" and "thank you" without prompting, you help with your brother, picking out his clothes or doing a silly dance to stop his crying, when I ask you to help me with something you often jump to it with a simple "okay".  My heart is overwhelmed with love for the little lady that you are becoming.

I know that it is not your job as a three year old to hold us together, but sometimes you just do, just by being you.  I have heard people say three is worse than two, but I would completely disagree.  (Although I may be jinxing myself just by physically typing that statement.) You have continually surprised me with your grasp of reality.  You see the world around you and understand so thoroughly what is the appropriate response or what is required.

You of course have your moments of pushing against the "right" response and testing the "wrong" one for kicks and giggles, and I see the flash in your eyes just moments before you challenging me with your lawyer like skills of persuasion and argumentation.  (Which are also in eerily in tune to reality.)  I fear for the day you turn 13 and I find myself completely under trained to resist your tempting arguments.  But just know, that until that day comes I will be spending time polishing my weapon of "because I said so".

With all of that said, I am so happy the God blessed my life with yours.  I love you, and I love everything about your restless chatter and argumentative spirit.  Keep these traits alive baby girl, because in them I am challenged, and with them we grow.

Your mom

P.S.  Thanks again for endlessly entertaining your brother.  NO ONE in this world can make him belly laugh the way that you do.

P.P.S.  Thanks for being silly with me after I come home from a LONG day of work.
P.P.P.S.  Thanks for reading us stories in the early morning sunlight and entertaining your brother with your imagination.   There is nothing better than waking up in an RV with two kids that are obviously morning people, when I am very obviously not. 

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