Dear baby boy,

Apr 26, 2013

You will be six months old next week.

You are currently fighting a losing battle with your first tooth.  And I am currently fighting the fatigue of hourly wake up calls in the form of pain induced baby yelps.  My heart hurts watching you hurt.  It is the worst at night when you are woken from slumber and there is very little that I can do to soothe your pain.

Yet you are the happiest little boy I know (except for your cousin Stephen).   Your smile is contagious and I still find myself looking at you in wonder.  Wonder of the deep imprint you have already placed in my heart, and thankful for the calm ease you bring to my life.  I love you so deeply baby boy.  With every cell of my body, I love you.

Happy six months...prepare your taste buds for some stellar homemade baby food. 

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