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Apr 30, 2013

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Photo courtesy of Scarlett
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Photo courtesy of Scarlett
I am starting a brief love affair with Borax.  There are just SO many things that you can do with this giant box of powder.

I have already decorated this years imaginary Christmas tree with hundreds of these little borax crystal beauties.

What you need:
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Water (boiled)
Pencil (or stick to hang pipe cleaner)
Pipe cleaner molded into fun shapes

1)  Take your pipe cleaners and turn them into fun shapes.

 photo 002_zps76379d49.jpg

2)  Tie your shapes with string onto a stick or pencil (or in my case a butter knife, because that is what I had in the RV) to hang from your container.

 photo 005_zps71dae4e8.jpg

3)  Boil water  - make sure that you have enough water to fully submerge your pipe cleaner shape.
4)  Add borax to water - 3 tablespoons per one cup of water.  Stir until borax is fully dissolved.
5)  Hang your shapes in the water and wait.

 photo 007_zps34f48f97.jpg

6) Leave overnight and in the morning you will have a container full of crystals.  
 photo 004_zps4edd6134.jpg

Scarlett LOVED this craft.  We made the crystals for my mom for her birthday and Scarlett was so excited to give them to her.  And after the crystals were formed on the pipe cleaner we scraped the container clean and Scarlett wasted a good 20 minutes taking them in and out of containers and stuffing them in her pocket.
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