Bowling with babies...

May 1, 2013

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Bowling with children is simultaneously fun and incredibly boring.  Every frame takes approximately 5 minutes per child.  In the beginning, watching the ball roll at a snails pace back and forth between the bumpers and toward the doomed corner pin is exciting because the smile on the child's face is bright and contagious, then the smile fades frame by looming frame and excitement dwindles to small wisps of its beginnings. 

This weekend we went bowling.  This was Scarlett's second time, first time acknowledging the actual presence of the bowling ball and its purposeful destination.  Regardless of the time it took for three children and myself to bowl one full game, we came out of the bowling alley alive and with a sliver of a smile still lingering on our face.  That night as Scarlett laid in bed, before shutting her eyes on the day, she whispered to the still air, "bowling was fun".  I smiled and said, "yes honey, it really was".

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