Jun 28, 2013

I have this thing about slimy food spotted baby faces...they totally gross me out.  I spend most of Dominic's feeding time wiping glop's of food dribbling out of his mouth, hoping to catch them before they fall on the table, and inevitably end up in his hair or in between his fingers.  But this morning, I just didn't care.  I let him go for it.  And then I remember why I NEVER do that.  Because it is gross.  After gagging a little at the sight of his face and trying to convince Scarlett to wash him down for me, I sucked it up, wet a paper towel and let him clean himself.

 photo 006_zpsb85d50f1.jpg photo 008_zps7ccb0f60.jpg photo 009_zps02107f61.jpg photo 005_zps55ea312a.jpg photo 002_zps297497ba.jpg photo 010_zpsd2b232cc.jpg photo 001_zps1ee164c8.jpg photo 013_zps01b250e5.jpg photo 015_zps2982e67c.jpg photo 016_zps92a69eeb.jpg