Chopped challenge...

Jul 8, 2013

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Having a chef in the family is wonderful...and sometimes we entertain ourselves by putting him to work.

Last Christmas the family was together watching chopped and our resident family chef stated that he could easily recreate a chopped style dish in 20 minutes.  So the challenge was set.  I truly can not remember what we gave him, but he created a beautiful ham and egg breakfast hash with some kind of tasty sauce and I vaguely remember an apple being involved.  Regardless, it was a perfect dish.  A balance of sweet and salty that left your palate longing for more.

So, a week ago my sister in law was in town and convinced the family chef to try one more time, for her sake (she missed the first challenge).  He readily agreed and here it is in pictures.

Ingredients that he had to include:
Pop tart
Chocolate Jello pudding mix
Pine nuts

What he created:
Whole wheat and nectarine bread pudding, salted chocolate mousse and drizzled nectarine sprite gastrique.   Served a top a roasted pine nut and pop tart crumble. 

Needless to say we are lucky to have him and any time he cooks all you hear is "holy cow, how did you make this", "toungtastic", "just what I was craving", and "I NEED more". 

 photo 4F68ED93-CC57-4D33-A301-70369C17368F-3056-0000034B66A17D69_zps5c141248.jpg photo F0F120CA-359C-42C3-8B49-E939682A58E0-3056-0000034B824D08F1_zps89068bed.jpg photo 2162D202-5D80-43DF-B8BA-D1AD4AC5271A-3056-0000034BA78EC959_zps8989f7fa.jpg photo 12FC1937-9105-4528-8A5A-B4EC223D5815-3056-0000034BB2F50575_zpsbef49151.jpg