Handmade napkins...

Jul 5, 2013

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Chris and I are in the hair pulling time crunch of hosting a dinner party at our unfinished home, and I decided to throw some home made napkins into the mix.  

Monday, while I was up to my elbows in navy blue reupholster fabric, we received a call from the flooring company that our floors were ready for installation on Wednesday...great news, but we have to host a formal hoity toity dinner party for 10 people on Friday and I have to cook my brains out every night before then. 

So in the chaos of pulling up tile, reupholstering two wing back chairs, recovering our couch, and cooking for a party of ten, I also decided to make 10 mismatched napkins for our candle lined dinner table.

What you need:
fat quarters
fabric scissors
sewing machine

How to make napkins:

Iron your fat quarters, fold in half (hot dog style) and cut.

 photo 007_zps8d6b6fc5.jpg
Line up the fabric with right sides touching.

Using sewing machine sew two pieces together using 1/4 inch hem around entire edge, leaving 2 inch space un-sewn.   This is the opening you will use to pull your fabric right side out.   photo 008_zpsce16cdfe.jpg

Trim your corners by cutting off the excess fabric before turning the fabric inside out from the two inch un-sewn space.
 photo 010_zps47856a72.jpg

Using fingers push the corners out until they make a clean square.
Fold the two inch un-sewn space under and re-iron, creating a clean line with the rest of your fabric and creating a faux closure.
Now sew another 1/4 inch seam around the edges of your fabric.  This will close your two inch space without having to do a hand stitch and will create a finished look on your napkins.   
 photo 011_zpsb27760a8.jpg