Down to one...

Jul 17, 2013

From Sunday to Tuesday I was a single mother of one tiny baby boy.  It was simultaneously relaxing and lonely.  Dominic is fun, but so quiet, he rarely coos and is completely content spending the day in one spot chewing on toy after droll soaked toy.  I spent most of the weekend trying to teach him to crawl and watching him roll from one point to another.  When he napped, I napped and when he went to bed for the night, I sat on the living room floor, cheesy TV in the background, and crafted.  Four hours straight I crafted.  I went to bed feeling accomplished and rejuvenated.  It was a break from sound, a break from "mom of a toddler", a revival of my creative bones.  It felt so good to mindlessly paint, cut, and glue. To spend 10 uninterrupted minutes moving figures from one side of a canvas to another to find the perfect position of scalloped craft paper and wood back silhouettes.

But come Tuesday, I miss my family.  I miss the dirty dishes stacking in the sink after Scarlett grazes from cup to cup and bowl to bowl all day long.  I miss the late afternoon chaos that is bath time and bed time routine.  I miss trying to juggle two kids and a husband.  I miss our family, the laughter, the breakdowns, the secret "I love you" hand signals Scarlett and I pass to each other at least three times a day.  So as short as the three days without them was, I am beyond ready for their return.  I can't wait to get back to squeezing in time for myself between the more desired time with the three perfect loves of my life. 

And because no post is complete without an overload of cute...these were snapped on the camping trip and sent to rub in how much fun they were having on their daddy/daughter camp out:

 photo 012AF295-F211-4B12-A444-B1425E12AAAC-5604-000004DF05659757_zps6fcbaca7.jpg photo 6BBF4022-21F7-4662-B54A-43763A8FD8AD-5604-000004DF102051BD_zpsf47ddf75.jpg photo 332C7885-3836-426D-BDD1-B01F868640B3-5604-000004DF19180771_zps45bac913.jpg

And these were taken because I just couldn't help it:
 photo 015_zpsda7d398c.jpg photo 014_zpsba85e35d.jpg photo 013_zps4d85ed72.jpg photo 012_zpsdc50a861.jpg photo 010_zps8ea8cab0.jpg