Love, love, love summertime...

Jul 12, 2013

When I put aside the constant sweat and the fact that our butter melts in its dish on the counter every day, I really truly love summer time.

I love that Chris is home, I love that the sun doesn't go down until 9 oclock, I love warm nights, I love making popsicles,  and I love watching the kids splash around in tiny kiddy pools to cool off.

Scarlett has a love affair with all things water.  Watching her swim has increasingly become a favorite past time of mine.  In the past summers we have had access to our own pool, but this being our first year without one I was fearful of how we would keep Scarlett wet enough to fulfill her fish like desires.  Enter the kiddy pool.  Chris's sister brought this over last week and it has become a staple in our daily routine.  I thought it would be fun to give Dominic a chance to show off his skills and it turns out he can easily keep up with his sister.

 photo 069_zpsb4492665.jpg photo 070_zps27974a1f.jpg photo 068_zpsa7f9ec12.jpg photo 071_zps60b6ece3.jpg photo 072_zps13caad9e.jpg photo 073_zps93cb139e.jpg photo 070_zps27974a1f.jpg photo 075_zpsd5037b16.jpg