Our fourth...

Jul 10, 2013

Our fourth of July was extremely uneventful.  Chris and I hosted a over the top dinner party for 10 on the fifth and I used the fourth to cook, cook and cook.  I had twelve courses to prepare in roughly two days and I was going to take advantage of every minute.  I put Chris in charge of the kids and thankfully that meant handing Scarlett off to his sister for a slumber party at grandpas.  But before giving her away for the evening the cousins came over for a little day light firework display.  Also, extremely uneventful, as you can imagine lighting off fireworks in the day time would be.  But the kids loved it and I enjoyed the brief time spent away from the kitchen in the presence of family.  Watching these kids together is the best way to spend any holiday, I gladly embraced the break from kitchen to watch them giggle at the sight of spinning fireworks and sticks that you can hold while on fire.  Although the impact was greatly dulled by the daylight, it didn't matter, to them it was still magic and to me it was a perfect way to celebrate Independence Day.

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