Aug 29, 2013

Adding a member to our family has so far been a raging success.

I have never seen Scarlett warm up to anyone as quickly as she did with Heon.  As soon as we got home she spent a good hour chatting away while he unpacked.  Chris and I smiled at each other as Heon broke the ice with a piece of carmel.  We knew from that moment on Scarlett would have a new best friend.

If Heon is awake, she is there.  Tuesday, while I was at work and my mom was at the house babysitting, Heon took Scarlett on a walk (probably her idea), by himself.  So sweet.  And every morning, while I am getting ready for work (granted it has only been two mornings)  this is what is happening in the guest bedroom.

Scarlett and Dominic seriously invading his space.  But he is go gracious.

 photo 99588458-6C08-475D-BD0E-1682A8F8F54F-7540-00000817C68FAB0E_zpscc154454.jpg

I am beyond certain that this was the perfect decision for our family.  What a blessing Heon has been in only two days.  Looking forward to the rest of the school year.