Big bear family vacation...

Aug 21, 2013

Vacation with two kids is not really vacation.  I prefer to call it a trip.  Babies never sleep soundly and nap time is always two hours later than it should be. Regardless, our second annual family vacation with my parents was still a blast.  We squeezed enough activity and relaxation into those three full days to make it absolutely worth our while.

Night one:  Indoor spa night
This was one of the weirdest experiences.  This room was a wood paneled room with sliding glass doors, carpeted and filled with a 10 person spa.  Strange inside spa experience.

 photo B043300D-640E-4D20-8AD8-FA94CDC01279-183-00000018C6769830_zps2f8e53c4.jpg

Day one: Alpine slides, go carts, puzzles, cosmic bowling

Alpine slides - This was a blast. Scarlett had us all giggling our way down the mountain as one at a time we rode with her, top to bottom. After the first ride, she was a pro. She spent her entire second ride with me, giving me detailed instructions on what to expect. It was strangely comforting to know that at least one of us knew what we were doing. And then I reminded myself that she is three.

 photo 003_zpse248703a.jpg photo bb2_zpsfbdf2ff7.jpg
 photo C0B3FD06-6DA1-4D46-9802-29C07888BF29-183-000000185E70B970_zpsfc2c214f.jpg photo BC86FCDD-E970-4716-9292-103C2995B5C7-183-00000018541E3D31_zps8068d412.jpg photo 26597257-B0E1-4F94-9ABB-813E0010062F-183-0000001840C959B2_zps6d688cd9.jpg photo bb3_zps485ed9cc.jpg photo 3E4232C7-B927-4750-8403-AD26D6427F71-183-0000001897C2C582_zpse7707fe5.jpg
 photo FFD5FA84-D3EC-42C3-B200-CC8A64EDFAB8-183-000000188DC5184F_zps7f21813f.jpg

Go carts - Lets be honest, Scarlett was just an excuse for the adults to play kids while riding in a tiny fast car.

 photo 340A27F2-28C9-4DDB-9358-C6F246619EDB-183-000000183698BC2E_zpsea159522.jpg photo 11E05367-1913-42CA-9CB8-31976665A0F2-183-000000182875926B_zpse42ab402.jpg photo C7D7904E-20D4-4967-8265-48B196312AE1-183-000000181F14509E_zps72baed31.jpg

We spent the remainder of the first day relaxing as a family. Building puzzles, keeping Scarlett entertained with her new "school" book, and watching Dominic follow Dexter (the dog) around the house.  
 photo 076_zps571b36dc.jpg photo 073_zps4a4d2aa1.jpg photo 072_zps7092c11a.jpg photo 071_zps52bc911b.jpg

But mostly we were just excited to be together...and that my 94 year old Granny decided to make the trek up the mountain with us.

 photo A90365F5-1DAB-4F06-925A-80F1FE277C20-183-000000192F4564E3_zps9c5bf4f5.jpg

Also, the older "kids" might have squeezed in a couple rounds of cosmic bowling, and I might have realized when I took my sweatshirt off that my white shirt was covered in stains only seen in black light.  Totally gross and completely blamed on baby food. 

 photo 079_zpsc66d6768.jpg photo 081_zpse5bf3028.jpg

Day two - Boat - freezing cold, but worth every penny

After decking out in swim suits and sunscreen we quickly realized that the perfect 74 degree day can turn icy cold on the water. But then this overload of cute happens and you cant help but smile at Dominic's loss of all movement and Scarlett's complete lack of neck.

 photo 348817D5-B58F-49A3-9512-88C9F12D352E-183-00000017EA8ACCBE_zps22781aa7.jpg

 photo 016D75FC-6F4C-4753-B0E4-A0F7CAC41031-183-00000017B0B75527_zpse2ee9e36.jpg photo BB151CD1-D690-42AF-BD2F-54F9FA3E5D63-183-000000178AE403DD_zpsc5679b09.jpg photo 42B906BE-D6D6-405A-BAA6-A3D5D1F4C6C7-183-0000001772101889_zpse239708f.jpg photo 1DDDE614-46A7-4424-995F-7574E74970E2-183-0000001750C5C748_zps3034fe8a.jpg photo D6CBF043-B704-4797-9E56-844CC886980A-183-0000001744FB2800_zps2b340666.jpg

Day three: Quick hike before home

 photo bb6_zps51afffac.jpg photo 151_zps911799e2.jpg photo 150_zps4c7972a3.jpg photo 142_zps8b01ae8c.jpg photo BB4_zpsc164662e.jpg photo 153_zpse1173de7.jpg photo 130_zps595ff00f.jpg photo bb7_zpsafadf53d.jpg photo 137_zps7e1bcda8.jpg photo bb5_zps41c930e9.jpg
 photo 134_zps985fdc1c.jpg