Birthday suits...

Aug 20, 2013

My mother graciously took my sister and me to Glen Ivy Hot Springs for our July and August birthdays.  We sat in the sun, drank fruity drinks by the pool and slathered our bodies with mud, aloe vera lotion and aromatherapy oils.  Basically it was a day of complete spoiling.  We realized 1) that we have NEVER had a mother/daughter day with all of us, a tragedy in itself and 2) we NEED to do this every year.  So Mother and sister, thank you for the memories and for the energizing day in a seemingly tropical paradise.  This mother of two thanks you from the top of my sunburned part to the bottom of my Swedish massage relaxed heels.

Love you both and I truly do look forward to making this a tradition.

P.S. Happy birthday sissy!!!

 photo 465C788F-7AD9-45A7-841A-BCC7055657A1-2042-0000022FA3367392_zpsbaf78f2f.jpg photo EF3B0E81-350F-4DB4-A022-DCCFC4CEDBF5-2042-0000022F876C68C6_zps1c010cc3.jpg photo BEF6B70E-9FAC-4846-B442-49733732D144-2042-0000022F74520B34_zps8533d321.jpg photo C3999375-8396-4244-A2C5-E3F8216E120D-2042-0000022F635FB688_zps744cb860.jpg photo 18B7F506-AE8F-4DFC-B58C-23766460D8DD-2042-0000022F5297C637_zpscc5fcde9.jpg photo 1EAFADF6-F74F-4257-AAF2-DFB6095E9297-2042-0000022F4A384E79_zps28e92d15.jpg