Quick sand ...

Aug 14, 2013

Months ago, looking through the sale bin at Michael's,  I found a "jungle quick sand" project that I thought would be a good rainy day time waster for Scarlett.  While cleaning out some craft boxes, Scarlett found the jungle box and wanted to give it a try.  Opening the box I found I had been duped into spending $1.99 (on sale, originally $7.99) on a bag of corn starch, two plastic jungle animals and three cardboard cut outs of jungle plants.

Add 1 cup of corn starch to 1/4 cup of water and get a quick science experiment sure to entertain.

I gave Scarlett the jungle creatures and she spent an hour watching the creatures sink and then saving them from the depths of bowl, washing them off, and doing it all over again.

And if you want even more entertainment, turn it into a lesson in color mixing.  Scarlett and I chose to mix food coloring into the quick sand one color at a time, watching the color spread and guessing what color would form next. 

 photo 035_zps15495a99.jpg photo 038_zps3382734c.jpg photo 040_zpse7504a17.jpg photo 043_zpscdc09acb.jpg photo 045_zps8bec165f.jpg photo 047_zpsf70d6cf7.jpg photo 050_zpsee5186ec.jpg photo 054_zpsf64c7eb8.jpg