A day at the pool...

Sep 3, 2013

We spent our labor day pool side.  Our friends graciously invited Scarlett and her cousins over to play with their twins and 11 month old baby girl.  Needless to say it was children overload. 

Chris and I got in the car at the end of the day and realized how perfect our labor day really was.  We talked about how funny it is that we are parents.  Through God's grace we were blessed with these tiny human beings that will have their own memories and life stories.  As Chris and I sat with our adult friends, chatting and eating super unhealthy snack food, Scarlett created memories.  Memories that had nothing to do with us.  Ones that she might or might not share with her future spouse or with future friends during a labor day bonfire.  She might look back on these days with pure joy.  Remembering only the freedom she felt as she spent the entire day running a muck in the twins backyard.   Looking back longingly, as Chris and I do, at the endless days of summer. 

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