I leave for a minute...

Sep 12, 2013

I was watering our plants on one of those mornings that was 90 degrees by 9am, and in the few short minutes that I was in the front yard watering our dying hydrangeas, Scarlett turned on the hose and watered her brother, and the cement and herself.  She flooded the concrete and was splashing in the puddles.  Thankfully Dominic loves himself some water play.

Impressive little girl, very impressive.

 photo 1EE19D24-75E3-4C16-8357-311049BA1A83-1518-0000012F44A70519_zpsd8687dc6.jpg photo 859B5AC7-C572-40B9-A218-BBD0FAF27142-1518-0000012F3BB6C268_zpsf24f507e.jpg photo 2AAB7E2B-BC86-4AB1-A72B-314DC64B4FCB-1518-0000012F2E887953_zpse4821fd1.jpg photo F76EC782-E209-4ABB-8C22-271D057CA303-1518-0000012F24E66B1F_zps46d6d0f1.jpg photo A412ED0E-1EF6-4FCE-85B5-71130888AD9B-1518-0000012F145AB13D_zpsc2b3ea28.jpg photo C22FAC2A-A84B-419C-AC37-D3E991D6FB1D-1518-0000012F0BADF731_zpsef802abf.jpg photo 91351B36-D1D0-4037-BA51-E7FFE6ED60E2-1518-0000012F027A55B0_zpsc0ba0cb1.jpg


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