The dictionary according to Scarlett...

Sep 18, 2013

Anyone that knows my daughter knows that she LOVES to talk.  Mostly to hear her own voice, but she can (and will) talk for hours...non stop, about absolutely nothing, non stop!

So I started writing some of the crazy stuff that comes out of her mouth down.  So without further ado, the dictionary according to Scarlett...

Fasinary - someone who is not old enough to do something.  Dominic is not fasinary enough to spin a hat on his finger.

Biddy bap body bump - to swing from the monkey bar onto the slide and land on your butt before sliding to the bottom.

Stressuated - annoyed or put out.  She uses this one ALL of the time.  She is always feeling stressuated.

Marginin - things that you forget

Caravide - when someone is telling a story and you cover your eyes