Chris's creative endeavor...

Oct 22, 2013

Something has gotten into Chris in the past couple of weeks and he has been crafting.   Or at least offering the option of crafting to Scarlett before I try to stick my nosy mom hands into it and form a series of slow take over strategies.  That is exactly how the previously posted ghost banner began.  Chris was lazily spending his Saturday morning with Scarlett and said "let's decorate the house for Halloween", Scarlett said "yes", Chris looked up some crafts online, and I took over.  Unintentionally, I took over their lazy Saturday morning and turned it into craft hour.  Poor Chris missed out on bonding over paint with his daughter and I  missed out on the extra hour of sleep Chris was willingly offering.  Serious mom fail on all accounts.

So, yesterday when Chris got home from work he took the kids outside and within the first 10 minutes of his walking through the door, Scarlett was learning how to use a power tool, and Chris was building a sign.  He grabbed Scarlett's paints and shooed me into the car and to the grocery store.  I tried with every effort to give my two cents on how to best achieve a successful craft time, but was heavily encouraged to finish dinner instead.  So I put on my chef boots and let go of my inner creative control freak.  Then I creatively plated our dinner just to stick it to the man. 

 photo 118_zpsbe4cb608.jpg photo 116_zps1588ad28.jpg photo 117_zpsf1641437.jpg photo 123_zpsb5126800.jpg photo 125_zps30115436.jpg photo 126_zps6178e8d6.jpg photo 130_zps4d9da9e2.jpg photo 128_zps9cd41926.jpg