Pumpkin picking...

Oct 23, 2013

Last weekend we drove down to Fallbrook and did a little pumpkin hunting with Scarlett and her cousins.  I took Scarlett to the same pumpkin patch last year, and was surprised to see the previously empty weekday patch turned into Disneyland on a Saturday.  Regardless, the kids had fun searching for stamp filled mailboxes in the hay maze and piling into a 8 cart tractor for a ride around the corn fields.  Of course, picking out the perfect pumpkin is always fun, especially when there are cousins involved. 

 photo 003_zps0fb14541.jpg photo fall1_zpsc53db174.jpg photo 011_zpsb3cd914c.jpg photo fall2_zpsf6d51980.jpg photo 020_zpsb90ae28a.jpg photo 023_zps49e33a11.jpg photo fall4_zpscc072799.jpg photo 025_zps16574440.jpg photo fall3_zps11f46a18.jpg photo 032_zpsbb1c2bd9.jpg photo 040_zps34529a27.jpg photo 050_zps9eba97e3.jpg photo fall6_zpsba55e905.jpg photo 049_zpsf575c9b8.jpg photo 086_zps4ecfc013.jpg photo 092_zps75ed179e.jpg photo fall7_zps43c6c869.jpg photo 109_zps53825297.jpg photo 106_zpsed4a8a71.jpg photo 090_zpsaee31a6b.jpg photo 104_zps43382cff.jpg photo fall8_zps35339e6e.jpg photo 111_zps506be024.jpg