Copy cat...

Oct 2, 2013

Dominic is in serious copy cat mode these days.  I finally broke through his passionate yelling for "more" and he is now silently signing it instead.  These mommy ears are very thankful for this welcomed change. 

My mom bought Scarlett a sticky octopus that you throw at a wall and watch it climb its way to the bottom, Dominic watched over and over as Scarlett experimented with the octopus.  Well, a week ago I was cooking and I heard Dominic chatting and banging on the window.  I didn't think anything of it, but when I peaked over the counter and saw what he was doing, a smile grew on my face.  My sweet boy is in such a fun stage, no longer a baby and not quite a toddler.  The somewhere in the middle stage.  He is more independent.  Smarter, quicker, more inquisitive.  He is looking closely at his world, experimenting with every inch of our home.  Watching his sister for clues on how to navigate certain toys.

I gladly welcome this transition stage and smile proudly watching him grow.