Christian music for kids...

Oct 8, 2013

There are a few things that Chris and I defer in opinion, barbie dolls, social habits, and Christian music for kids, and when we differ we are often on opposite sides of the spectrum.  

On the steady climb to big bear for our family vacation this past summer, Chris and I realized just how much we actually disagree about catchy pop Christian music for kids.   I am totally on board with it, after all the message is truth and I love listening to her singing about jumping in the light and lifting her heart to Jesus.  My heart melts when she gets excited to show me (and the rest of the world) the dance moves she has practiced over and over.  Her tiny voice belts out a slightly off key version of Jana Alayra and I can't help but join in.

I encourage her to listen and sing along to this music because she is three, and she is singing about Jesus.  Although it may be concepts she is still too young to fully grasp, she is learning and she is asking. We are Anglican, and even though an Anglican church service is over her head in many ways, we still bring her to the alter every week for a blessing and expose her to the prayers and hymns, so why not give her good music and encourage her to ask questions about what she is singing and why she is singing it?

So of course when Scarlett went to play with her cousins last week and they wanted to watch a Christian kids concert DVD, I had to make a video and send it to Chris.  That is just how much I love him. 

 Music and DVD is Jana Alayra.