Mix and match blocks...

Nov 6, 2013

 photo 054_zpsbba91ad2.jpg

I hesitate to post this because 1) the recipient of these blocks hasn't actually seen them yet, 2) I totally copied the images from here.  In my cheap, let's do this homemade style form, I found the images for these blocks online and copied them onto my own blocks.  This obviously took way more time than just paying $10 and printing them out...but on the other hand, I learned something about myself.  I can copy and paint better than I thought.  After cutting the blocks into symmetrical shapes (4''x4''), sanding them down and rounding the edges, I grabbed a pencil and got to work.  The only one I winged was the turtle, and that is the reason why he is the only one with a lack of creative detailing.

Anyway, these are being shipped to Chicago for a special little girl who is turning two today.  I will deeply miss them, but I know that they are going to a good home.  So, happy birthday sweet Geneva. Hope you enjoy mixing and matching these lovely little critters.   

 photo 055_zps1c6e5cf9.jpg photo 052_zps29dc5826.jpg