What boy doesn't like getting dirty...

Nov 12, 2013

This boy...

 photo 003_zpsb7b03945.jpg

In an effort to pacify the 30 minutes before nap time, I threw Dominic in his high chair, stripped him down and stuck his fingers into a cup of finger paint.  I expected him to squish the paint onto the paper, rub it into his hair and smear it all over his naked chest, instead he cried, looked desperately between me and Scarlett, so deeply worried about this foreign object stuck between his fingers.  Scarlett gave a demonstration, I tried helping him dirty his little hands, but nothing worked.  He continued in 5 minutes of perplexed  facial expressions before I decided he was not into this. Much different than Scarlett's first impression of finger paints

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  1. That face is so funny! "Why, mom?!"

  2. Seriously Suzy! He was so confused. It was pretty funny. And of course Scarlett switched immediately into training mode and had to show him how it was done.