Earlier and earlier...

Dec 19, 2013

Every year we seem to start our Christmas tree shopping earlier and earlier.  The excitement buzzing around our house grows on the same curve as our children.

This year we bought our tree just after Scarlett's birthday, and after a full week of a little ribbon here and an ornament thrown right there, it was officially Christmas season in a tiny corner of our home.

 photo 015_zps1a0b99f9.jpg photo 013_zps33857f83.jpg photo 012_zpsf0065a89.jpg photo 008_zps0836e421.jpg

Dominic got to help this year and it could quite possibly have been the cutest thing I have seen in the month of December.  After his first and immediate attempt at de-lighting the tree, I was fearful of our choice to have one at all, but he has been extremely gracious with his exploration and we have only had to suffer one plastic ornament casualty.  So far so good.