Makeshift Los Padres 21.5

Dec 17, 2013

Last Saturday we were scheduled to attend Los Padres supper club number 22, unfortunately we received a call that morning saying the hosts had the flu and dinner was cancelled.  We all shed a tear or two, put away our formal dresses and moved on.  Until, Chris talked to my Chef brother in law, invited him to cook us dinner, and informal Los Padres 21.5 was born.

The girls put on their slightly less formal dinner wear and the boys slapped on a tie and coat and dinner was served.  It was really a perfect evening.  We laughed, drank, ate and stayed up way too late for our early morning kid call.

 photo 016_zps77c2f010.jpg
 photo 020_zpsee0b4193.jpg photo lp1_zpsc165fe52.jpg photo 024_zpsc8a01f35.jpg photo lp2_zpsc3e6aab7.jpg photo 040_zpse4031a4d.jpg photo lp3_zps384561a9.jpg photo 043_zps650bd2b4.jpg photo lp4_zps015b37f1.jpg photo 075_zps1f71990b.jpg photo 080_zpsf148b763.jpg photo 081_zpsbc0e6b4c.jpg photo 086_zpsc098a349.jpg photo 090_zps7fbbc00d.jpg photo 093_zps249a740b.jpg photo 097_zps514bdddd.jpg