Los Padres 22...

Jan 14, 2014

Los Padres Supper Club, dinner number 22.

Those of us that have been a part of this club from the beginning can not believe that we just finished dinner number 22.  Five years later we are all entering into busier seasons of life.  Looking back we started this club on a whim, five ambitious couples, ready to put our taste buds and cooking skills to the test.  Now, we find ourselves on the brink of thirty, two kids deep and struggling to find overnight babysitters 5 times a year. We spend a month planning, buying, preparing and tasting until the meal is ready to present to our fellow dinners. And when the night is over we always feel the complete satisfaction of creating an entire evening dedicated to our friends.

Dinner 22 was hosted by the newest couple. The theme was comfort food and it was a great way to kick off their first meal, inviting us into a rustic culinary adventure. It was food that we love, elevated to a fine dinning experience.

 photo dinner2_zps8b51f1ae.jpg photo dinner3_zps7d8d4c02.jpg photo 169_zps7a86df8f.jpg photo 061_zps1175951a.jpg photo 66092a83-f423-442b-997f-fba2cf3f4c0d_zpsb02c3fd2.jpg photo 098_zps84f479c7.jpg photo 9ca4c2da-132c-4da6-a27a-a66da5c5fa38_zpsc4223de9.jpg photo 108_zps84363645.jpg photo 104_zps6dd8b0cc.jpg photo 118_zpsd9d22dbf.jpg photo 121_zps35d4b2ac.jpg photo 138_zps9f704631.jpg photo dinner6_zpsbbafb11c.jpg photo 140_zpseaf6a018.jpg photo 143_zpse8b95277.jpg photo 151_zps5583e4f7.jpg photo 153_zpsdde875f3.jpg photo dinner4_zpsd5336043.jpg photo 156_zps3271a596.jpg photo 158_zpsf8d303c0.jpg photo 159_zps6b312c58.jpg photo 161_zpsc0b99a1b.jpg photo dinner5_zpsffbabf17.jpg photo 074_zps0123be68.jpg photo 164_zps1bae8b95.jpg photo 078_zps61fb5032.jpg