I said yes...

Mar 3, 2014

I spend a lot of my day saying "no".   No, don't hit or touch your brother.  No, we cant draw all over the couch or walls, or table.  No, don't take down all of the decorations in the living room and stuff them into the end table.  But this morning when the rain was pouring down and the kids asked to go outside and play, I started to say "no, I have to get ready for work", and then I decided "yes".  Yes, you can jump in the puddles together.  Yes, you can laugh and laugh and laugh. Yes, you can let your shoes full with rain water and them dump them all over the patio.  Yes, by all means, yes.  Be a kid, and let me document it paparazzi style.

Even when I had a million things running through my mind of what I needed to get done before the babysitter arrived, I stopped and said yes.   It felt so good that I think I might make it a habit.  

 photo 024_zps6df80791.jpg photo 032_zps607dfa3a.jpg photo rain1_zpsac0b13af.jpg photo 033_zps10d63bf3.jpg photo 036_zpsaa5ed480.jpg photo 039_zpse2c1d946.jpg photo 040_zpsd32db0f8.jpg photo 028_zps53b676a1.jpg photo rain2_zps2076512c.jpg