There is a perk...

Apr 28, 2014

to falling out of a parked car and breaking your arm...being totally spoiled with presents.

A large box came to our home with Scarletts name on it.  She opened the box and found a card from her Great Grandparents in Idaho. Chris and Scarlett are planning a trip this summer together to visit these Grandparents and I do not know who is more excited, Scarlett or Grandma and Grandpa.

Needless to say the box was filled with silly gifts and toys, most of the gifts pointedly expressed how excited they were to show her around their home town.  Books about Idaho, stuffed animals mimicking a famous statue in Idaho, a travel magazine listing all of the fun things to do in Idaho.

It was beyond sweet and immediately made me a little jealous that I would not be going to Idaho.  I have a feeling that this trip will become a memory of a lifetime.

This box also included an extremely annoying dancing bunny that continuously sings a song about jelly beans to the tune of the macarana. It didn't last more than a day before the batteries went dead from overuse. Thankfully saving me the trouble of finding it a permanent hiding spot in the trash can.

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