Paper plate art frame...

May 27, 2014

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I fell in love with this craft because it truly turned into a multifaceted time waster.  What started as a simple "let's paint" project, turned into an hour long processes of "let's make a frame for my art".  I love when Scarlett uses her imagination and creativity without any prompting from me.  This entire project was Scarlett's idea from start to finish.  I was a pretty proud crafty mama hen. 

What you need:
Paper plate
Paper (construction or otherwise)
Paint, crayons, etc.
String/ribbon (optional)

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Have your little draw/paint/glue/create a work of art on a blank piece paper.

 photo craft2_zps736a1fb6.jpg

While they are creating their masterpiece, cut out the middle of a paper plate.  Once they are done with their first creation, pass them the outer rim of the paper plate (this will be our frame) and let decorate their frame. 

 photo platecraft_zpsa2a34793.jpg

When they are finished with the frame, use it as a template to cut your child's piece of art into a circle that we will glue onto the final frame.

 photo 016_zps5697d561.jpg

Using glue, place a couple of dots along the back side of the frame, center your art facing out and enjoy!

 photo 017_zpsa0c30bfd.jpg

Let it dry, punch a hole at the top, add a piece of ribbon or string and hang for the household to enjoy.

 photo 019_zpscdde2fc6.jpg

And, if this craft didn't waste enough of your can make a mask out of the center, wrap a blanket around your shoulders and instant superhero.

 photo 025_zpsb73fd4fe.jpg photo 029_zps4890e86b.jpg

Really, what I am trying to say, is have fun, experiment with imagination and household items.  We love to find ways to use what we have and make them into something new. Enjoy!

I have also posted this craft on a new blog Hello Haven.  This project will now host my future exploration in craft and food fun.  I have joined two great friends and fellow moms in this endeavor and we hope to use this new site as a way to inspire those around us to see the beauty in every day.  Hope you will join us over there too!