You spin me right round...

May 23, 2014

Thank goodness Scarlett has Chris to take her on anything things that spins, drops, flies, swings, or rotates in any direction other than straight.

I lasted a whole 7 seconds on the teacups at Disneyland before literally curling into a ball to save myself from loosing my lunch.  And 7 seconds was 7 seconds too much.

So, when we walked up to a local carnival on mothers day, tickets in hand, I knew I would not be using any of them. The favorites of the day, the giant super slide and the tilt-a-whirl.  Seriously, the Tilt-A-Whirl?  I that even safe?  Apparently it was, because the two of them rode it over and over and over, while I stood on the side lines feeling sick just watching.

 photo 7FE11A8A-7657-4B5D-B72B-39636AC61AD1_zps5adlxvz8.jpg photo E6B74301-C107-40B2-B574-97BA356306B6_zpsewvfo1qx.jpg photo 93449E16-71DC-447B-A402-68BBE203ED56_zpsbfpuigrx.jpg photo AEF24AB7-1BAD-4A30-A8D3-305A08F14037_zpsfhbj21qh.jpg photo 3DD10D15-5D8D-42D6-863B-BF871C10D15C_zpsg2hvfxgx.jpg photo 2981AC0C-BE49-41B5-80CC-67CA560E4193_zpslpcrzlqa.jpg photo B1B5E546-F216-4197-88A3-21463823BA04_zpsvsiqalpq.jpg photo 7A4F4001-FEE4-4E75-A762-B10112432443_zps6mxokbwg.jpg photo 5A101F88-2641-4360-9BE5-E0EC1F2BD77E_zpsmev09uyj.jpg