We made a decision...

Jun 27, 2014

A little over a month ago Chris was given an opportunity to interview for a teaching position in Washington. One week later we were faced with the decision between 220 average rainy days a year or perpetual sunshine.  We spent the following two weeks in a constantly anxious state of decision. As of Tuesday morning, we officially decided to move from the comfort of California, friends, family and everything we have ever understood about the word "seasons" into the unknown realm of Seattle, Washington.

We are both excited and extremely nervous about our future, but we wouldn't have made this decision if we didn't think it was the best one for our family.  I have been given the opportunity to embrace the vocation of stay at home mom,  one I could never be granted while living in sunny Southern California on a teachers salary.   I am feeling beyond blessed and probably overly excited about the prospect of being with my children day in and day out.  Most days now,  Chris and I wonder what our life will look like next summer.  Me, tired from 9 months of every day with my children, 9 months of planning dinners and laundry and picking up toys and art projects, 9 months of making our house a home, 9 months to be fully present with my children.

Now, I am not oblivious to the obvious dream like state I am making the profession of staying home sound, I know there will be days, that might turn into weeks, that might turn into months, in which I just want a break.  I will probably wish that I had an office job to escape the reality of being a domestic goddess.  But, to those future feelings, I say "bring it on".  I am determined to find the beauty in this reality.  The beauty of long restless days surrounded by chaos, laundry piled in the corner and dishes overflowing. The truth is, watching my children grow, will always beat the days sitting behind a computer screen wondering how they will grow. 

Washington...here we come.