God is good...

Jul 18, 2014

I have had few moments in my life in which I allowed myself to see God's hand at work. Most of the time it takes me years of reflection to see how His will was accomplished, years chasing fading memories of right and wrong and repeatedly reciting a prayer for guidance and peace.  In contrast are the moments in my life in which I had to make a split second decision, just enough time for prayer but very little time for reflection.  One was my choice to study abroad in college, this prayerful but last minute decision put me two doors down from my future husband, and the second has been this decision to move to Seattle.  Both were scary, and both led me closer to the heart of God.

Chris and I started this move out of curiosity for adventure and an internal struggle for a more restful life.  These desires have been blessed over and over again, every choice we make toward Seattle the more peace we feel about the decision.  We have walked through each step with our arms in the air ready for failure, and God has not only opened the door, but lit it up with a neon sign that says "I have already prepared the way for you".   All of the stress we have felt about the timing of the move, of selling our home and buying another in a state we have spent less than one week in, has melted away as we get closer to the finality of this giant life change.

So now, after lots of prayer and 20 open doors later,  we are going to peacefully get lost in boxes and dream about our new Washington home!  Truly, God is good.

This our new house (God willing)!!! 4 moves in 7 years...well done Becher family, well done.