Los Padres Supper Club...

Jul 16, 2014

Approximately one year ago Chris and I were sitting down with some friends and fellow Los Padres Supper Club members talking about expired dinner ideas, themes that made it to the drawing table but never to dinner.   Ours retired themes were "food puns", "flowers" and "genealogy".  At the first mention of a merging a dish to include the combined history of our married guests, our friends looked awkwardly at each other and burst into laughter.  This was their theme.  Out of every theme that one couple could pick for a dinner...anything in the world, we had both picked family history.  The only reason that Chris and I never fully realized this themes potential was because we could never compromise on how we wanted it to be presented in a five course setting.  Regardless, for a year Chris and I have been holding the secret of the Henry's dinner close at hand and waiting patiently to see how they would execute it in a formal setting.

The Henry's chose to host on the fourth of July,  not only to celebrate a wonderful Marriage themed dinner but also to share their 5 year wedding anniversary with those whose friendships they love and cherish.  It was a magical night, full of good food, great toasts, a little soccer and lots of fireworks.

 photo 026_zps8cf86dca.jpg photo 029_zps4ffae6e6.jpg photo 4th_zps6ca12708.jpg photo 047_zps19763bec.jpg photo 055_zps3d9779de.jpg photo 062_zpsac1cea08.jpg photo 063_zpsecffa3e5.jpg photo 064_zpsd1393da8.jpg

First course - The Bechers

 photo 031_zps3b0ba2d8.jpg  photo 4th2_zps6d7934d7.jpg photo 068_zps2e53dae3.jpg

Second Course - The Henry's

 photo 035_zpsa6211a15.jpg  photo 091_zps63bcab6a.jpg photo 090_zpsc4d07683.jpg photo 094_zpsa5b5b4c0.jpg

Third course - The Ruiz's

 photo 083_zps2c37a709.jpg  photo 152_zpsf05fb457.jpg photo 153_zpsb1888a78.jpg

Fourth Course - The Smiths

 photo 044_zps0604d0a2.jpg  photo 176_zps3cd044c0.jpg

Fifth course - The Wards

 photo 107_zps1e28a568.jpg  photo 182_zps5d601ffd.jpg

And of course the fireworks -

 photo 096_zpsa789a0dd.jpg photo 098_zpsf7516e94.jpg photo 102_zpsdb2e69c5.jpg photo 101_zps28e4360f.jpg photo 126_zpsf391a6aa.jpg photo 142_zpsaceb6a85.jpg photo 159_zps56c65395.jpg

And boys will be boys, even in formal attire -

 photo 119_zpsefe2354c.jpg photo 116_zps0c55a2d0.jpg photo 115_zpsfa6f2444.jpg photo 112_zpsc1c2f465.jpg photo 109_zpsdb762f9f.jpg