Adding an "s"...

Jul 10, 2014

Dominic is learning new words every day, constantly surprising us with his vocabulary and the little nuances of language he just happens to pick up.

Some of our favorites that guarantee to make us laugh are:
Me: Dominic do you want a piece of cheese?
Dominic: Sure
Not yes, or no, but sure...if you ask him a question the answer is usually "sure". Shrug your shoulders and roll your eyes and you could be 15 little boy.

If Dominic drops something, trips, breaks a toy, or looses a ball he typically mutters a tiny "shoot", which almost always sounds exactly like he is saying a much dirty version of the word.

But the best thing about Dominic's dictionary is everything ends in "s":
Me: Dominic did you poop?
Dominic: Yeps

or other added "s" words:
books (when referring to only one book)

It is the best...he spends most of his day copying every last word in every ones sentence.  I really love this stage of learning, watching him express himself with words instead high pitched yelps has eased the comfort level for all of our ear drums.