Embracing the summer...

Jul 9, 2014

Last Saturday we spent the entire day in the pool and it was perfect.  In all honesty I never thought I would hear myself admit that I not only enjoyed, but longed for more hours in the warm water of my parents pool.  I have a huge thing about water, specifically cold water..."huge" meaning, I typically hate it.  Yet, last weekend I was soaking up every minute.   I think part of it was the tropical paradise that my parents have created in their backyard, part was the warmth of the water, and part was the fun that I was having watching my kids find and soar on their pool legs.  It was so fun to be able to throw some floaties on Dominic and watch his legs kick under the water like a duckling searching for the bottom. We spent the entire day, water wrinkled, sun kissed and happy. 

 photo 191_zpsf2da204a.jpg photo 196_zps6232b341.jpg photo 200_zpsfad71e0c.jpg photo 204_zps7f6879d0.jpg photo 206_zps9790b489.jpg photo 215_zpsd4c69e3a.jpg photo 217_zps40f360f3.jpg photo 218_zpsbd5e554b.jpg photo 219_zpsd1e12596.jpg