Aug 25, 2014

This was easily the hardest goodbye.  This move was a hard decision but the hardest part by far was knowing that our kids would be separated from the constant companionship of their cousins.  Chris's side of the family is huge and constantly growing and every single one of the cousins means something special to Scarlett (and Dominic).  She asks about them frequently and my heart dies a little every time she asks if we can go to her cousins soccer game sometime. 

I drove away from this goodbye with the thankful knowledge that it is actually more of a "see you later", and there is always facetime. 

But cute are these kids?

 photo 001_zpsa59c0594.jpg photo 009_zps190e2c03.jpg photo 005_zps00949121.jpg photo 015_zps4078e0ef.jpg photo 019_zps17b7f6e4.jpg photo 030_zps15dc004b.jpg photo 033_zps6c3212f8.jpg photo 035_zpsa82cd6c0.jpg photo 042_zpsd22b8fdf.jpg photo 045_zpsb130502f.jpg