Aug 24, 2014

What do you do when you have a crap ton of cardboard a kitty house of course. 

 photo 051_zps7d31c834.jpg

According to Chris this is a thing...I was simply amazed by his crafty building skills and the ability to fulfill my dreams within days of our arrival.  A month ago, when I walked into this home, number 6 of the 20+ that we looked at in two days, I was sold.  This was my perfect Washington home.  I swooned over the kids play set and the fire pit and the grass...oh the grass! I dreamed about decorating the play room and watching Dominic master the two levels of stairs.  I envisioned spending hours sitting by a fire while the kids laughter swirled through the air.  And on this night, I was blessed with all of my dreams and more. 

We are just starting this adventure and if the days keep looking as beautiful as each one before it, this is going to be the most exciting adventure of our lives. 

 photo 052_zps40f6646c.jpg photo 054_zps46b860a3.jpg photo 055_zps53d083a0.jpg photo 056_zps901afb83.jpg photo 060_zps528cb46a.jpg photo 061_zpsbc3929a3.jpg photo 062_zps16744acf.jpg photo 068_zps68880066.jpg photo 064_zpsd55f3373.jpg