The heart of a neighbor...

Aug 29, 2014

In one of the last few mornings of living in our La Mirada home, Scarlett and Dominic pulled out of the garage in their BMW, drove down the drive way, across the cul-de-sac, parked in our neighbors drive way and strolled right into their front door.  Chris watched from across the street with a cup of coffee and a smile.

Our neighbors were the number one reason we were so sad to leave our previous home.  We lived there 13 months and after some major upgrades and a lot of paint, our house became a home, and our neighbors were a huge added bonus. Before we left they made it extremely clear that they needed a proper goodbye, so even after being moved out for over a week we made the trek back to La Mirada for a final "see you later".  We left with a bag of frozen homemade tamales and very full hearts.

The love they showed our family, and especially our children, in 13 short months has given us 1) a desire to live in a family friendly neighborhood, and 2) to be the kind of neighbors that open their home and put an effort into forming meaningful relationships. 

Within the first week of moving in we have met all of our neighbors and we are thrilled that we have not only been accepted, but that relationships are already being formed.  We are hopeful that in these next years we will be able to watch our children grow and that the neighbors will be just as excited for the chance to grow along with us.