An acutal vacation...

Sep 1, 2014

The process of buying and selling, saying goodbye to family and friends and making it to Washington with a uhaul, two kids, two cars and a dreaded 20 hour car ride was exhausting and we were more than ready for a serious slow down. So, we took a much needed vacation three days after officially becoming home owners in Washington. My mom and dad left on Monday and we took a ferry Tuesday morning to visit some friends that were vacationing on Orcas Island.

It was easily the most beautiful and relaxing two days we had had in a LONG time.  We filled our time with lots of fresh seafood, a little kayaking and some really breathtaking views. 

 photo orcas1_zpsf0d81aeb.jpg photo 076_zps5ed6c7da.jpg photo orcas2_zps3c6956af.jpg photo orcas3_zpse4ac5464.jpg photo 104_zpscb1a5f47.jpg photo 106_zpsfc0f8282.jpg photo Orcas4_zpsd2839821.jpg photo 158_zpse24d6275.jpg photo orcas5_zpsd7547b70.jpg photo 127_zpse87d4c99.jpg photo 128_zps184a2e43.jpg photo orcas6_zps489a9e0c.jpg photo 144_zps30b9cadf.jpg photo 140_zpsb3611451.jpg photo 142_zps318630af.jpg photo orcas7_zps0d1ed4d4.jpg photo 157_zps47a569b1.jpg photo 173_zpsd08dda65.jpg photo 171_zps9af875d2.jpg