La Mirada moves to Everett..

Sep 6, 2014

Even though Chris and I have moved 4 times in the 7 years we have been married, I will never get used to seeing my stuff in a completely new space.  The hardest part about this move was living for such a short time in our "forever" La Mirada home.  But what made the move a little easier was being able to transfer all of the stuff I loved to a move in ready home.  It took me 13 months in La Mirada to make our house feel like a home but being able to bring the same vibe of our California home to Washington made the move a little bit easier.   So for those of you asking for a sneak peak of Washington, enjoy the familiarity of our home in California spread out over an extra 900 square feet of living space. 

 photo 015_zpsf41ae254.jpg photo 014_zpsba92200a.jpg photo 013_zps4b5794cc.jpg photo 012_zps2c5932c5.jpg photo 010_zps268c64ad.jpg

Our guest room/sewing room having this space. Come VISIT!!! photo 009_zps8a407e91.jpg

Our play room/office favorite space I can work on the computer while the kids make a mess. And all of their toys are in this room so the rest of the house stays clean. It is easily the biggest perk of purchasing this house.

 photo 039_zpsc3135bca.jpg  photo 007_zpse8153ad2.jpg photo 006_zps8f9fdef5.jpg photo 003_zps027c6647.jpg photo 001_zpsf0f37ce7.jpg

 photo 054_zps10335ce0.jpg photo 053_zps18fcf0cb.jpg photo 050_zpsa0b9b83d.jpg

Our backyard...a huge step up from the concrete jungle we came from. The big empty square in the picture below used to be a strange lifted patio, Chris took off the top slats and moved them to the sides and this will be our garden/chicken coop site. 
 photo 043_zpsf3d8f21f.jpg photo 042_zps4033e9e7.jpg photo 045_zps18b66f85.jpg photo 044_zpsedc2f937.jpg photo 046_zps0c2bf552.jpg