Empty rolls?

Sep 10, 2014

 photo 002_zps2ded89c0.jpg

We always have empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and when I started keeping them for art projects I realized that our family uses way too many paper products.

This empty roll project came from the need to keep my kids busy while packing up a three bedroom house in two weeks time.

What you need:
empty paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls
tape (we used packing)
flat vertical surface like a wall or fridge

Set out your rolls in a design that would allow it to carry something from top to bottom.  Tape in place.  Or to make it a little more fun, cut our holes in your roll so that the object you drop will have to navigate the holes to get to the bottom.

I used this project to help Scarlett do some critical thinking about where to put the holes and how to set up the rolls to get an object from the top to the bottom. Fun and educational. Win, win.

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