A trip to the zoo...

Sep 12, 2014

Chris and I made a decision early on in the house hunting process that our number one priority was to move into a home that needed little to no work.  We did this for a couple of reasons, 1) so I could be a happy stay home mom and feel as settled as possible in the first week or two of arrival and 2) so we can enjoy our weekends as a family and explore our new city.

The first weekend we took the kids to Pike's Market, and it rained, one of the two days of rain we have seen since moving to Washington.  It was cold, wet and with summer coming to a close and a three day weekend, the market was packed and quickly because a stressful excursion for us and the kids. Last weekend we made a much better kid friendly choice of the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.  It was a perfect day and the zoo was perfection.  The zoo seemed to keep most of the natural landscape and had numerous open ground exhibits that spanned the zoo so there was always an element of "I spy" with the animals.  Zebras, giraffes, ostriches and monkeys roamed free together in a large open mass of African terrain.  I noticed that because of the open concept I was really able to enjoy the majestic beauty of each animal in a more natural habitat without the hindrance of bars or chain link.  There were a ton of play spaces for the kids, tunnels and caves for them to explore, and rocks and trees to climb.  It was a really beautiful day and we highly recommend this zoo to anyone in the Seattle area with kids.  And their membership prices are extremely reasonable...if only it didn't rain an average of 220 days a year, and if only the zoo was indoors. 

 photo 002_zps5cb2fdf2.jpg photo 003_zps61d8e2e7.jpg photo 009_zps0b5b8b96.jpg photo 012_zps159dcd0f.jpg photo 013_zps0ef1a1a7.jpg photo 016_zps614c3f54.jpg photo 019_zpsc6bd81c1.jpg photo 020_zps081d1ab0.jpg photo 022_zps0b4f6149.jpg photo 027_zps89e89804.jpg photo 029_zps8a62fa2c.jpg photo 030_zps0c6466b7.jpg photo 031_zps52b25932.jpg