From baby to boy...

Sep 15, 2014

All it took was a buzz cut.

 photo 015_zps70781e54.jpg

This event was easily the most dramatic 20 minutes of Dominics life.  What started as a happy, helpful boy, quickly dissolved into a fussy, uncooperative mess.

When we were done he was covered in hair sticking to his tiny sweaty body , but after a bath and a look in the mirror he was completely satisfied with his new big boy look.

 photo 002_zpsc3eb91c5.jpg photo 007_zpse2c81de5.jpg photo 004_zps0de6c33f.jpg photo 010_zpsa73f986d.jpg photo 008_zps8321bfba.jpg photo 012_zps280022d8.jpg photo 013_zps92db9f4b.jpg photo 014_zps373d21e9.jpg photo 018_zps08bb99b9.jpg photo 016_zpsf6ec1efd.jpg