So this is fall...

Dec 7, 2014

To my family relying on me to update the blog on a regular basis, I ask your forgiveness, I realize it has been over a month with nothing but silence,  so I now offer you, as penance, one long photo enriched update of our fall.

Hot chocolate and fires every night...the kids don't mind...

 photo 004_zps99484d77.jpg photo 007_zpsf7aafa9a.jpg

Leaves for days...and days...and days.  We are the only house on the street with two giant deciduous trees in our front yard.  Literally, that just means we are the only ones crazy enough to see past the weekly chore of raking in the fall, to enjoy the beauty of a picnic in the shade in the summer. 

 photo 009_zpsb0e97ed9.jpg photo 010_zpse4801651.jpg photo 017_zps4c071cc8.jpg photo 021_zps6d809036.jpg photo 023_zpsb2a920e2.jpg photo 032_zpsa9a5fa79.jpg photo 033_zpsfaeeb590.jpg photo 036_zps66fd9d0d.jpg photo 038_zpsd361d468.jpg photo 043_zpse38d2af2.jpg photo 046_zps42c722f0.jpg photo 048_zpsc1128c23.jpg

Dominic turned two...and we celebrated with balloons, cake, and a quiet family night at home.  It was perfect.

 photo 051_zps2de1e9e5.jpg photo 053_zps7dcea407.jpg photo 055_zps36c47f8e.jpg photo 066_zps7cf22e2b.jpg photo 070_zpsd0c97c52.jpg photo 071_zps8d460566.jpg

The weather took a turn...and we all realized we were completely unprepared for 40 degree days.

 photo 074_zps38f19d6d.jpg photo 076_zpsdecd689a.jpg photo 079_zpsebcfffac.jpg photo 087_zps7d9b2c56.jpg photo 091_zps5874a901.jpg photo 096_zps77cfd508.jpg photo 099_zpscf931d61.jpg photo 102_zpsd918e0b3.jpg

Then the weather really took a turn...and we knew we were unprepared.  Also, we had to remind ourselves that it was still fall.

 photo 103_zps94005dd8.jpg photo 105_zpsfd4bb58a.jpg photo 107_zps0cd99193.jpg photo 108_zps6a6850bc.jpg photo 111_zpsc9a90d61.jpg photo 113_zps47cc72db.jpg photo 116_zpsdb1bdc5f.jpg photo 117_zps919c1ce1.jpg photo 122_zps84fa7738.jpg

And now we count down the days till we go "home" for Christmas.