New hobbies...

Apr 13, 2015

The first time I let Scarlett set up a tripod and use my camera I experienced a huge "hover mom" moment,  I gave her a little freedom and gained a little for myself in return.  A year later, the older Dominic gets and the bigger I get during this pregnancy, the more I push my children into the playroom, shut the door, and leave all "hover" tendencies the fend for themselves in the very distant past. 

Now when I realize Scarlett has dragged my tripod and expensive camera all the way upstairs to take pictures of my closet, I smile, tell her to be careful, and call it a new hobby.

 photo 166_zpswf3eguks.jpg photo 169_zpskbht5a4d.jpg photo 152_zps1vujudgw.jpg photo tripod_zpsz29i9avg.jpg photo 125_zpslofwyaky.jpg photo 121_zpstzxtysr0.jpg photo 117_zpswazlohgz.jpg photo 115_zpsoowfkotb.jpg photo 114_zps8zbp04kc.jpg photo tripod 2_zpsr7jxo7ut.jpg photo 066_zpssalhgd7b.jpg photo 044_zpsbhfvrpeq.jpg photo 040_zpsvuzaenzn.jpg photo 038_zps48bkf1uz.jpg photo 033_zpsomxgxijs.jpg