Apr 17, 2015

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Spring is incredible in Washington.  The trees are turning from a dismal leafless brown to every shade of green, our blueberry bushes are blossoming perfect tiny buds, and tulips are popping up in nearly every front lawn on our street.  Yet, along with these fresh new colors came my first experience with seasonal allergies, nothing that a small daily dose of local honey from the honey man around the corner couldn't cure.

We started our first attempt at a garden, planting tiny seeds, hoping and praying that there is truth in the rumors we have heard about how easy it is to grow here.  Just leave it up to the elements and hope that our streak of killing everything we touch is cured by the constant wet mornings and sunny afternoons.  Hopefully within the next four months we will have a bounty of lettuce, beets, snap peas, carrots, kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and herbs.  

We also conquered a spring break vacation that was years in the making.  With the move to Washington we left behind the busy tax seasons of California and completely cleared my schedule by undertaking my new stay at home vocation. Chris and I always dreamed of being able to jump in the car and travel during his time off, so this year we decided to take the 9 hour drive to Crescent City, CA to visit his Aunt and soak up some sunshine.  The drive was a bit of a challenge for my already achy 7 month pregnant body, but the kids did great and the four days of surf and sand were worth every minute in the stuffy car.  And I would suffer the 9 hour drive again just to see Scarlett and Dominic in the overwhelming amount of cute that happened when they put on tiny wetsuits to splash in the waves with their cousins.

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