Reasons why we cut our hair...

Oct 22, 2015

Because we are going through a breakup, because our pregnancy hormones are raging and it is just to darn hot to have anything touching our necks, or because we saw an opportunity to change our look on our very own with moms craft scissors and we just happen to have a 2 year old brother available for the blame.

A couple of weekends ago I went out of town for a short trip and came home to a proud husband, a clean house and a whopper of a "sort of" confession from Scarlett.  One of the first things she blurted out after the obligatory hugs and kisses was "Dominic and I were playing, and he cut my hair".  Now there were a couple of things that tipped me off that this was pretty clearly not true.  1) Chris knew nothing about it...didn't even notice the hair cut at all.  If Dominic really cut her hair "while they were playing" I am pretty sure Scarlett would have made a stink about it.  2) Dominic doesn't really know how to use scissors that don't come with dull blades and neon colors.  3) When I asked her where the hair ended up she said "Dominic pushed it under the bed".   I then passed her the shovel and encouraged her to keep digging.

Unfortunately it took me a full day and a half to get her to admit the truth, and fortunately my neighbor is a stylist and was free to come over and fix the damage.  There were a lot of tears both in the confession and consequence but the damage was manageable and she rocks these new locks.