Summer lovin'...

Oct 26, 2015

When Chris and I decided to uproot our tiny family of (then) four to the tippy top of the western U.S. we dreamed of the summers we could spend frolicking through the pacific northwest.  With neither of us working for a total of 10 glorious weeks we imagined, well honestly, I think we imagined a life without kids, but instead we decided to have one more.

So in an effort to reminisce over our not so originally planned summer turned absolutely perfect with the arrival of baby Max,  I give you 10 weeks worth of pictures.

June -

Scarlett finished preschool and Max was born the next day.
 photo 3747E31A-1F2F-405E-8D83-336DA659E008_zpsi85glmxh.jpg photo 183782F8-BA35-4C80-8D5C-BB1A72AE8421_zpsdctxjy10.jpg photo 8C9FD117-1802-4479-90B8-347A8F5F5463_zpskztsunni.jpg photo A5EA8435-66FD-4A39-99F1-FFE5CF1900D5_zpssqq49xpe.jpg photo 5FCE8764-B3C6-424A-A4AD-3FF4B1976220_zpsbrpggscf.jpg photo FAE20B1B-F903-4A5F-A1A2-49FD31A1A6D2_zpsyx6e5b2a.jpg

July -

My dad and sister came to meet Max...they were the first family members to meet the little guy.
 photo 05959BCE-989E-4DFB-B356-4C9E776556C7_zpswsy7ysv6.jpg photo 4751DFE9-FCA8-48DF-936A-32228D92370C_zpselrzzg3l.jpg photo 637E6DF7-8B93-422E-96F3-6ED7E405947A_zpsiqspn3am.jpg photo 9DC944E3-EDD9-4E01-9EF0-917C4743AE24_zpssgvb6z2d.jpg photo D24CA333-3C78-4AD6-8AB3-D9E844AA4F7A_zpsms5omrmb.jpg photo B1CF8C73-C5BF-4816-A7A8-EE1223F4DB8F_zpseuzpjirm.jpg

Once we came out of our newborn baby cave we got on a plane and flew to CA for a little R and R
But mostly we went to CA so Granny could meet her umpteenth great grandchild and to get Max baptized at our "home" church.

 photo F0EA0A18-30B0-4FF4-9A6F-90129D26EA61_zpsobbgkpzg.jpg photo 22D6CEF8-2EAD-4675-BC87-A4F2D5F2BA8B_zpscst5mx1z.jpg photo 35B1399D-DD07-41B6-8611-F6345ED096AA_zpsdnjks03j.jpg photo 969FD386-D39E-49F0-9C3E-0843911ACDB8_zpszxa6qsi5.jpg photo D07D748A-63B8-4B1A-A892-D4EDEB79C9DC_zpsxynxaafp.jpg photo A0AA092C-59DA-4FFC-80B3-07B62384A53A_zpsuaado1cv.jpg photo 28A380BC-52BD-4103-9993-1FC4A6BA6035_zpsm0aqiqn1.jpg photo F780FD25-20C0-4065-95FF-BBABADF3AF5A_zpstsnjhld1.jpg

We bought a van
 photo D95C147B-7307-4435-A66F-19E554A7A300_zpsodjixzye.jpg

August -

We came home from CA to a flurry of visitors.
Joe and Kim and their four kids came for a week long visit.  This idea that originally stressed me out (I had no idea what to expect while having a total of 11 people in our house for an ENTIRE week), quickly became one of the best weeks of our summer.  We had SO MUCH fun.  We made memories with our kids and our family that I will never forget and we hope that this can be a tradition every year.

 photo F168656F-8BB9-4BA8-AE10-FBC26D8EBC2C_zpscj6oysuk.jpg photo 99272C06-07D0-43D2-9054-2C84992E144B_zps1mvfrefq.jpg photo A4512263-49AF-476C-BD89-123D42B71518_zpsyxpv33hr.jpg photo 437C492B-BBB0-4119-9805-3E4976004269_zpsewtecpq0.jpg

 photo 26A3FFCC-050D-4763-B247-90F3F7F098CC_zpsrtn61sew.jpg photo 3DC2E00C-1089-4331-A992-7DAEA761C400_zpsh0rzdxhu.jpg photo 0BC0B901-D7A0-4B58-B516-17046458494F_zpspux3w3fq.jpg photo 9F96DA60-786F-4F52-88BB-0F5A5D3685BD_zpsdj3vcsmc.jpg photo 16F5C2A4-9BCF-484F-9E0E-8BE4B5CF2014_zpsjf5caxoo.jpg photo A3DF9188-3508-4623-B9FD-22793EAF54BB_zpsepf9szco.jpg photo FD3662A9-302E-411D-B865-B8F2CB61388D_zps3bnnb8q6.jpg photo B29FDC1C-0265-4F23-95A5-E22090C759F1_zpsulnpjzgh.jpg photo 3786FC47-B778-4CFB-9E99-E8879ED99C08_zpsox6pskkw.jpg photo 43B2E606-C6B3-46D0-AF82-E492E6D37D96_zps1vdzuzui.jpg photo 5597DF5F-FAC1-4837-B27B-40330072B48D_zpsc3ush4rp.jpg photo 157485FD-3031-4161-8178-41C6A0FB47CD_zpsqk7euy3g.jpg photo AC06A64F-128A-4EE7-9396-E700CEAFE2CC_zpsie09cgf8.jpg photo 5C2AF62B-AD2E-4C3D-8825-FF83047C9AB6_zpstbsoo3ab.jpg photo 84F9AF79-4136-4C50-B173-A50A0BEF9009_zpsajrhr5gy.jpg photo E7087322-3288-460C-B168-72D3DAC6BA4C_zps7vgohfbv.jpg

So, even though summer has officially been over now for a month, and truthfully we welcome the beautiful fall leaves and pumpkin spice everything.  We miss the day to day monotony of asking "what do you want to do?" and knowing that it could literally be anything.  We were so lucky to have been able to spend that time as a perfect family of five and look forward creating more memories in the Washington summers to come.