My Boys...

Mar 27, 2019

Right after having Maxwell, I was in a place of reflection and I wrote about my relationship with Dominic. It was such a challenging season, with so much change and a growing deep routed fear over the new addition to our family.  I was barely able to understand how to foster a relationship with Dominic when God blessed us with another boy.  (A boy that I swore I had already given birth to two years earlier, given that Dominic and Max are pretty close to twins.)

But despite all my early fears, watching these two grow up together has truly been a gift.  They are as opposite in personality as they are alike in looks.  Dominic is extremely mathematical and spacial, he is loud and excitable, and easily the most kind hearted, God fearing, sensitive little boy I know.  Max is focused and determined, a little shy and very easily embarrassed, quiet and mindful, he is artistic and independent, and overly sensible.

I can't imagine our family without either one of them, looking back at my worries from a three year distance, they seem almost laughable.  I was so worried that I wouldn't love them deep enough, that I would give them a disadvantage because I didn't know how to relate to them apart from their need of me.  But now, I see them.  I see their differences digging roots, growing and flourishing into ever evolving personalities.

And again, three years later, I watch with child like awe at how these boys have grown into little men.  How they embrace the world with such unique perspectives, and I want to join them in their wonder.  These boys, my boys, for all of their differences, and despite my fear of disconnect, love each other so deeply it makes my heart swell with joy.